New Bible Study: The Spirit-Led Heart



You are invited to join us for our new Bible Study:  The Spirit-Led Heart by Suzanne Eller.

Here’s the plan!
We will meet this Wednesday night (September 5th) at 6:30pm. The books are $10 and please also bring your Bible and a Journal for this study.

The study will be for 10 weeks. Each week we will read one chapter from the book, and 3 chapters from Acts and we will journal. There are roughly 6 questions at the end of each chapter. Use your journal to write your responses, and also journal as you read the 3 chapters in Acts each week.

We will come together each week and review the study questions together and discuss our highlights and insights from the book of Acts.

Our Goals are to discover what it means to have a Spirit-Led Heart, to be in the Word daily by studying the book of Acts together, and to develop and maintain a habit of journaling.

I’m looking forward to our adventure together!
Hope to see you at our first gathering on September 5th at 6:30pm at Cresset Church – 3707 Garrett Rd. Durham, NC.  If you have any questions, please email us at



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