New Bible Study: Beth Moore “Children of the Day”

2016 is arriving soon, and so is our new women’s Bible Study!!

Beth Moore Children of the Day

​We will be starting our new bible study::  Beth Moore – Children of the Day on January 6th at 6:30pm.  The address is 3707 Garrett Rd. Durham, NC 27707

The books are $16 and if you would like to reserve yours – please email us at The study is 18 weeks so it will end in May.  This is a study of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians and you do not want to miss it!  All are welcome – so please feel free to invite your friends.  We will start promptly at 6:30pm and end no later than 7:45pm.
Here’s a sneak peek 1 min video of what is in store for us::  Beth Moore – Children of the Day
Join the event on Facebook:  Beth Moore Bible Study :: Children of the Day and feel free to invite your friends!
Looking forward to this special time together!

Simulcast Participants – Purchase Audacious by August 31st!

If you are planning to attend the Beth Moore Living Proof Live Simulcast at Cresset Baptist Church on September 12, 2015 at 10:30am – 5:15pm then you can purchase Beth Moore’s new book – Audacious if you order by August 31st!  See below and if you have any questions – please email us at  Thank you!



Thirty years in the making, Audacious is a deep dive into the message that has compelled Beth Moore to serve women around the globe.  Glancing over the years of ministry behind her and strengthening her resolve to the call before her, she came to the realization that her vision for women was incomplete.  It lacked something they were aching for.  Something Jesus was longing for.  Beth identifies that missing link by digging through Scripture, unearthing life experiences, and spotlighting a turning point with the capacity to infuse any life with holy passion and purpose.  What was missing?  Well, let’s just say, it’s audacious and it’s for all of us.  And it’s the path to the life you were born to live.

Publication date is November 1st, but Audacious is available as an exclusive pre-release for purchase by simulcast participants.  

Please note that the book is not required for participation! Purchase is optional. One book per participant. Pre-pay by August 31 to reserve your copy to pick up at the Simulcast. You will also have the option to order on the day of the event, and we can notify you when it arrives.  

Click here to purchase prior to August 31st:  Audacious $15

Mark Your Calendar Now!!! (Saturday – SEPTEMBER 13, 2014)

Almost two years ago, in September 2012, four ladies met at an office park and all piled into one car to head to Raleigh, NC to see the Beth Moore Simulcast.  Angela drove, Matthea sat up front, and Connie and Michelle sat in the back.  When we arrived at the church, we were just in time and grabbed one of the last tables available.  We forgot to bring tissue.  Lots of tissue.  It was life changing. As we were leaving to head back to Durham – words spilled.  We sat in the car for two hours having our own worship.  Our hearts were full.  I will never forget that day.  You can find my notes below.  I pray they bless you.

Fast forward to now.  Same four ladies recently sitting around a kitchen table, making plans to once again experience this life changing event – only this time they are making plans to share it with you right here at Cresset Baptist Church in Durham, NC.  Mark your calendar now because you do not want to miss this!


The Living Proof Live Simulcast with Beth Moore kicks off on Saturday, September 13 at 9:15 am and ends at 4:15 pm. Doors open at 8:30 am.  Tickets are $25 covering one full day of music and worship; sessions led by Beth Moore; and opportunities for fellowship with other women from the Triangle.   Feel free to email us with any questions at    

Join the EVENT on Facebook here for updates and to get tickets:

If you are not on Facebook – you can purchase tickets here:

Stay tuned for more details…..  We are so excited!!!

Notes from September 2012 :  Living Proof Live Simulcast with Beth Moore

Psalm 68:11  NET  The Lord speaks. Many, many women spread the Good News.

2 Kings 4.  Elisha – My God Is Salvation.  Girl A versus Girl Z.

2 Girls in this story.  Girl A ( Almost nothing) Vs 1-7 ——-  Vs 8- Girl Z (Almost Everything)

Where are you – can you relate?  This chapter covers the entire spectrum….A – Z.

1) Personal desperation can JAR us out of second hand stories.  Who’s story do you live under or in the wing of?  What is your story?

Girl A- Season of Loss.  Do you find yourself saying, “If that were not enough that I went through ____  now this?????

2) God didn’t call us to FINE, he called us to FAITH.  With Girl A, there is NEED.  Are you ready for an invitation to His supernatural provision or do you want to live a humanly explainable existence.

Girl Z – I am fine!!  I don’t need anything!  If you have everything you need, then you need a bigger life.  2 Corinthians 9:8, John 1:16

When he asked her about a child, she pointed her finger and said DONT MESS WITH ME.  She almost had it all.  Clearly he hit her tender spot.

Don’t ask for anything so you will not have to be disappointed…So you ask little, lose little, risk little, love little in your LITTLE life.  God didn’t call you to a little life.  LIVE an astonishing, dramatic story.

Faithfulness (now cross out the Faith part) We need to put Faith back in our Faithfulness. Have you had your faith attacked?  You attack back with your FAITH!!

Regarding Girl A – Jar gatherers in each of us .  NEED.  We hate to need.  TO go to neighbors and borrow…humility.  But when we look in scriptures – Jars…2 Corinthians 4:7 He calls us Jars of Clay.  BE YE FILLED by the Holy Spirit.

3) Fear destroys the Walking Talking Miracle. You are called to tell your story.  What are you so afraid of?  Courage Psalm 44:5, Acts 18:9-10, 2 John 1:8

4) Faith TRUSTS that EVERY call to Forsake is a call to also Take.  (we take joy, abundance, liberation!) Forsake some fear, and take some courage.  Ask God for courage to the point you will be saying, “God who is this you are making me??? Who is in this body of mine?  Or – have we accepted our bondage?  Well, this is just how it will be for me.  Always scared…full of anxiety. TODAY IS THE DAY OF OUR REVIVAL!  What would it take for 3 months from now for you to not even recognize who you are in Jesus??  A & Z both need a miracle – both of them

WE HIDE OUR LIMP and our limp is what makes us approachable.  LOOK!!  She has a limp too!!  I can go to her!!

5)  FAITH FACES THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO FORMULA.  Faithless people are unforgiving people.  Faithless people become cynical…. almost haters.  Christian haters even…bullying people.   God is a mystery…you will not figure out everything…Psalm 119:37

The Wonders of God Under                     VS                    The Wonders of God Under

the established OLD covenant                                         Under the established NEW covenant


Primarily External                                                                        Primarily Internal

Secondarily Internal                                                                     Secondarily External

2 Corinthians 3 – GLORY                                                           2 Corinthians 3

Surpassing GLORY

Chart above references how in the Old Testament – miracles were formed before your eyes…raising the dead etc… under the new covenant…miracles – we became the leadout priority – We became the miracle.  Lives are being changed!

If we ask by faith believing and it does not come down – then something is up!

People are getting transformed.

6) Faith rests its case on the resurrection of the dead.  Do you want to be a jar with a little bit of oil in the bottom of it for the rest of your life or do you want to say FILL ME UP!

All of us love a surprise.  We think we don’t like the mystery of it but we do.  You can’t get control of this thing.  He is God and we can not take control of it.  Do you have enough trust in him to trust him with the MYSTERY of IT?  Do you believe he is good?  In HIM, there is no darkness.  God can not mistreat you.  God can not fail you.  and through it all – he gives us a little something to hold onto…in the mystery he gives us enough to hold on.

Romans 8:18.  God is worthy of our trust.  Equipping you is NEXT.  HOW????

Here is your assignment. Visit the LPM Blog (see link below)

FEAR NOT! Print out “The Great Forsake and Take” booklet and pray a page a day.

7)  The Lord Speaks and many many women spread the Good News.

Be courageous.  Tell your miracle/story.  Let Revival Begin.



Our Beautiful Brunch

Today at 10am, our women came together for our beautiful brunch.


During the welcome, we had door prizes for the youngest woman (born in the 1990’s) and for the oldest woman (born in the 1930’s).  We wanted to emphasize that we are here to minister to women of all ages!  We all have a purpose!  We talked a little about the new Bible Study – Your Beautiful Purpose, by Susie Larson that will be starting on May 25th at 6:30 pm.  I talked about some very exciting opportunities to #connect with us, such as:

Summer Bible Study – Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson

Craft Night at Ronald McDonald House – June 7th at 7pm

Pop In’s – one Wednesday night a month we will pile up in our cars and ‘Pop In’ on people, such as shut-ins and new visitors just to stop by and say Hi, and let them know we care!

Pregnancy Support Services:  We will do a prayer walk in their building plus help to highlight Bibles for them.

Durham Rescue Mission:  Help serve meals, serve dessert

BFF to GFF’s!! :  Once a month bring your BFF to our GFF (Girl’s Fun & Fellowship) where we will scrapbook, sew, pay bills, cut coupons, hang out, play games – Let’s just enjoy each other’s company!

Movie Matinee – Popcorn, Butter, Ice Cold Diet Coke, Oh. My.

UNC Fall Move-ins – we are going to be on campus offering to help students move in and offering them water!  We will invite them to church the next morning, and offer to pick them up by bus.  We will have lunch for them after church!

and Drum Roll……. oops!  We will wait until the end to tell you about this one!

Tope prayed and then said “Bilu!”:  Enjoy the amazing food – it was time to eat!  We had this amazing spread (recipes soon!):


Fresh Fruit, Bruegger’s Bagels with Cream Cheese, Blueberry French Toast casserole, Breakfast (sausage, egg, and cheese) casserole, Baked Blueberry Oatmeal, Spinach Quiche, Mini Cheese Danish, and Coffee, Milk, and Juices.

~our favorite part here~ instead of people spreading out, we got to see people make room at their table to fill it and have more people together, everyone together …. laughing and sharing!  This is what joy sounds like!

After the lovely meal, Matthea presented “Bring Your Jar!”  There were lovely jars all around the room of various sizes all empty.  She read 2 Kings 4:2-6 and she related it to how we are all empty jars needing to be filled by Christ.   We need to let Him fill us and we also need to bring other jars to Him to be filled.  We need to be intentional, and ‘do not get just a few’ – they all matter!  She had great illustrations using the jars and the pitchers to make us relate this passage to our own lives and our own brokenness.  It was beautiful.


Then, it was game time.  Connie had a blast with this!  She had a sheet of questions and everyone had to get a person to sign their page to answer the appropriate question, but they could only sign once!  So for example, someone who gardens, someone who was born the same month as you etc, someone who tweets… etc.  This generated much laughter, and we had 2 winners to fill it out completely – Sarah and Amanda and they both won a prize!  We sang Happy Birthday to Yanzhen and Mary Beth and they picked a prize.  We had 6 prizes left and did drawings for those.  I’m pretty sure almost everyone at Swannie’s table won a prize.  She brings the hugs, and the smiles!

We introduced the Bible Study by watching the first part of the video – “Your Beautiful Purpose” by Susie Larson.  She talked about who this study is for, and we quickly realized it’s for ALL of us.  It is exciting to think about dreaming with God, and saying “Lord, bid me come!”  BUT, even more she reminded us to remember Jesus is our first love. Love Him and know that he deeply loves us.  We are still here, and we matter and He has a purpose for us!   Let’s start dreaming with Him, together.  Find Susie online at and be sure to like her on Facebook to get her awesome daily blessings!

We are so excited about this Bible Study. We ran out of books today and will be ordering more this week, so please email us ( if you are planning to join us and would like a book!   Here is our summer schedule for this study.

IMG_0492 There are 6 sessions and you will read 2 chapters each session.  Keep a notebook or journal and Go Deep with the Lord.  We want you to share, but you will not be called on or required to share anything in class.  This will be a safe place to connect, grow, and respond together.

So, bring your jar (stains, cracks, and chipped – welcome!) and let’s be filled with the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Let’s dare to dream together and say Lord, Bid Me Come!!


Oh, and that other announcement??

WE ARE HOSTING THE BETH MOORE SIMULCAST AT CRESSET ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2014!   Mark your calendar and invite your friends!



We are excited to connect, grow, and respond with you!  We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and journey together.