Encourage Me.

Encourage Me.

Can you imagine a room full of people who wore shirts that said “Encourage Me”?  Every person would have a smile on their face, but each shirt would have fine print that would help you to see why encouragement is needed.  Perhaps, their marriage is in shambles. Or, maybe their kids are struggling.  Whatever it is, when you say “How are you?”, they smile and say, “I’m fine!  I hope you are!”  But, the words on their shirt tell you a different story. You stop and take the time to speak encouraging words to them. You look them in the eye as you speak, and maybe even give them a hug. With just a few words and a simple gesture you encourage them and they are strengthened. They walk up to the next person, and now you see them speaking kind words to that person, and someone taps you on the shoulder and hugs you.

A chain reaction of overflowing encouragement occurs. The domino effect of tears and smiles can be heard as people speak the words they wear. They share their hurts. They hold each other up. They stand together, united in purpose.

I want to be in that room. Who wouldn’t want to be in that room?? How can we be in that room?

Simply remember the shirt! Let it remind you to be an encouragement to others.

We all need to be encouraged.  We can all sincerely reach out to each other in love and be encouraging. How? What do we say? What can I do?

In our current Bible Study – “The Power of A Woman’s Words” by Sharon Jaynes, we reviewed two questions last week and shared our responses on what we would like for others to say or do to encourage us!

We are sharing them here so we can all have ideas, ways, and words to say to encourage one another!  Let’s put them to use!  Let’s remember the shirt that says “Encourage Me.”

Question 1 (pg 67)  Things I would like a friend to do to encourage me: 

  • text, email, call
  • pray for/with me
  • bring me cookies/treats
  • remember my birthday
  • invite me to lunch
  • give me a genuine compliment
  • spend time with me
  • offer practical help (watch my kids for a few hours etc)
  • invite me to your home
  • call me on my house phone
  • let me know when I have encouraged you
  • give me tokens of love (homemade gift etc)
  • don’t judge me or be overbearing
  • offer to be a support buddy
  • let me speak in confidence
  • send me a bible verse that touched you recently
  • listen – be a good listener
  • trust me with your stuff, tell me your stuff
  • go for a walk with me
  • make me feel needed
  • get yogurt or coffee together
  • let me know when you see Jesus in me
  • Don’t diminish or dismiss my pain or difficulty

Question 2 (pg 67) Words I would love to hear from a friend:  

  • Let me know if you ever need to talk
  • You have made great progress!
  • You are not alone
  • You are not a failure
  • You are special
  • You are not the only person going through this.
  • Thank you for being honest.
  • Thank you for being a sister to me.
  • Thank you for helping me to grow in Christ.
  • I want to help any way I can
  • I see your uniqueness
  • I admire you for standing up for that!
  • Let’s talk about it.
  • I really admire you
  • Your present is not your future
  • It won’t always be this way.
  • It will get better!
  • You did a great job!
  • I believe you
  • I believe in you
  • You are brave, strong and courageous
  • Speak truth and scripture to me
  • I am proud of you
  • You can do it!
  • You are going to make it!
  • Don’t give up.  Keep going.
  • You are loved
  • Great job!
  • I see a lot of growth in you.
  • I see that this is really difficult for you.
  • Jesus is crazy about you!
  • You are His favorite
  • God is going to use you!
  • You look great
  • You’ve lost weight
  • I like your hair cut
  • I notice you

We took the time to openly share and really think about what helps to encourage us.  We discovered that by encouraging others we are encouraged as well!

What about you?

What would you add to these lists?  What do you do to encourage others?  How have others encouraged you?

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 

1 Thessalonians 5:11