Cresset Tea {Connections & Conversation}

We had a delightful time at our Cresset Tea!

Women's Ministry Tea Party

There were dainty teacups and delicious food.

We made eye contact during our conversations in this emoji free zone!

It was powerful to hear laughter and see the smiles throughout the room.

Tea Party

Especially at the photo booth with all of the props!

We were intentional to Give Thanks.

We are Thankful!

We are Sisters in Christ.

We are Daughters of the King.


Christmas Brunch :: December 6th

Cresset Women's Ministry-2

Ladies, please make plans to join us next Saturday, December 6th for our

Christmas Brunch from 9am until 11am in the foyer!

Think about your “I’m ok to part with these” accessories!  We will have an ACCESSORY EXCHANGE so please bring 2 (or more) of your used accessories that you don’t mind giving away such as a scarf, earrings, bracelet, gloves, hats, necklace, belts, coin purse, pocketbook, belt, or handbag etc.  We will have a great time swapping treasures and laughter!

Please feel free to bring a dish if you’d like, but more importantly – BRING YOUR SMILE! Come enjoy the sweet fellowship, food and fun!
Be encouraged as we share about ALL THINGS NEW!
We would love for you to bring friends and invite others!  We are thankful for each of you and pray you have a LOVELY Thanksgiving!

Our Beautiful Brunch

Today at 10am, our women came together for our beautiful brunch.


During the welcome, we had door prizes for the youngest woman (born in the 1990’s) and for the oldest woman (born in the 1930’s).  We wanted to emphasize that we are here to minister to women of all ages!  We all have a purpose!  We talked a little about the new Bible Study – Your Beautiful Purpose, by Susie Larson that will be starting on May 25th at 6:30 pm.  I talked about some very exciting opportunities to #connect with us, such as:

Summer Bible Study – Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson

Craft Night at Ronald McDonald House – June 7th at 7pm

Pop In’s – one Wednesday night a month we will pile up in our cars and ‘Pop In’ on people, such as shut-ins and new visitors just to stop by and say Hi, and let them know we care!

Pregnancy Support Services:  We will do a prayer walk in their building plus help to highlight Bibles for them.

Durham Rescue Mission:  Help serve meals, serve dessert

BFF to GFF’s!! :  Once a month bring your BFF to our GFF (Girl’s Fun & Fellowship) where we will scrapbook, sew, pay bills, cut coupons, hang out, play games – Let’s just enjoy each other’s company!

Movie Matinee – Popcorn, Butter, Ice Cold Diet Coke, Oh. My.

UNC Fall Move-ins – we are going to be on campus offering to help students move in and offering them water!  We will invite them to church the next morning, and offer to pick them up by bus.  We will have lunch for them after church!

and Drum Roll……. oops!  We will wait until the end to tell you about this one!

Tope prayed and then said “Bilu!”:  Enjoy the amazing food – it was time to eat!  We had this amazing spread (recipes soon!):


Fresh Fruit, Bruegger’s Bagels with Cream Cheese, Blueberry French Toast casserole, Breakfast (sausage, egg, and cheese) casserole, Baked Blueberry Oatmeal, Spinach Quiche, Mini Cheese Danish, and Coffee, Milk, and Juices.

~our favorite part here~ instead of people spreading out, we got to see people make room at their table to fill it and have more people together, everyone together …. laughing and sharing!  This is what joy sounds like!

After the lovely meal, Matthea presented “Bring Your Jar!”  There were lovely jars all around the room of various sizes all empty.  She read 2 Kings 4:2-6 and she related it to how we are all empty jars needing to be filled by Christ.   We need to let Him fill us and we also need to bring other jars to Him to be filled.  We need to be intentional, and ‘do not get just a few’ – they all matter!  She had great illustrations using the jars and the pitchers to make us relate this passage to our own lives and our own brokenness.  It was beautiful.


Then, it was game time.  Connie had a blast with this!  She had a sheet of questions and everyone had to get a person to sign their page to answer the appropriate question, but they could only sign once!  So for example, someone who gardens, someone who was born the same month as you etc, someone who tweets… etc.  This generated much laughter, and we had 2 winners to fill it out completely – Sarah and Amanda and they both won a prize!  We sang Happy Birthday to Yanzhen and Mary Beth and they picked a prize.  We had 6 prizes left and did drawings for those.  I’m pretty sure almost everyone at Swannie’s table won a prize.  She brings the hugs, and the smiles!

We introduced the Bible Study by watching the first part of the video – “Your Beautiful Purpose” by Susie Larson.  She talked about who this study is for, and we quickly realized it’s for ALL of us.  It is exciting to think about dreaming with God, and saying “Lord, bid me come!”  BUT, even more she reminded us to remember Jesus is our first love. Love Him and know that he deeply loves us.  We are still here, and we matter and He has a purpose for us!   Let’s start dreaming with Him, together.  Find Susie online at and be sure to like her on Facebook to get her awesome daily blessings!

We are so excited about this Bible Study. We ran out of books today and will be ordering more this week, so please email us ( if you are planning to join us and would like a book!   Here is our summer schedule for this study.

IMG_0492 There are 6 sessions and you will read 2 chapters each session.  Keep a notebook or journal and Go Deep with the Lord.  We want you to share, but you will not be called on or required to share anything in class.  This will be a safe place to connect, grow, and respond together.

So, bring your jar (stains, cracks, and chipped – welcome!) and let’s be filled with the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Let’s dare to dream together and say Lord, Bid Me Come!!


Oh, and that other announcement??

WE ARE HOSTING THE BETH MOORE SIMULCAST AT CRESSET ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2014!   Mark your calendar and invite your friends!



We are excited to connect, grow, and respond with you!  We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and journey together.




Fellowship and Chocolate Eclair!

Chocolate Eclair

Last night’s fellowship was so much fun!  I love having families come and have fun together.  Thank you to the College and Career group that planned the Minute to Win It Games that brought all of us together!  I laughed so hard I cried! It was no surprise when the kindergarten teacher was able to pull all of the tissues out of the box with one hand before everyone else, but watching Meredith blow the plastic egg across the floor before the most talkative boy in the room was!  And there are no words for what happen later, when the men tried to shake the eggs out the tissue box that was tied to their back.  You just have to find the video!

Here is the Chocolate Éclair Recipe that is OH so Good and Easy!


2 packages of graham crackers

2 (3 oz.) packages of instant vanilla pudding mix

3 c. of milk

1 (8 oz.) container frozen whipped topping thawed

1 container of prepared chocolate frosting


1.       Line bottom of a 9 x 13 inch pan with graham crackers.

2.       In a large bowl, combine pudding mix and milk.  Stir well.  Mix whipped topping into pudding mixture.  Spread half of pudding mixture onto the layer of graham crackers.  Top with another layer of graham crackers and the remaining pudding mixture.

3.       Top all with final layer of graham crackers and frost with chocolate frosting.

4.       Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving to allow the graham crackers to soften.